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Need House Demolition Melbourne? We are your local Knock Down Rebuild Specialists. Let our preferred and highly rated demolition companies supply a fast complete quote. The best place to get commercial residential demolition in Melbourne.

House Demolition Melbourne

Welcome to The Demolition Group TDG Melbourne. How much does it cost to demolish a house? Are you searching for house demolition melbourne,  demolition melbourne, residential demolition Melbourne, demolition contractors melbourne, demolition companies melbourne, commercial demolition contractors melbourne or melbourne demolition group? Well you must be tired of all the searching options you have to go through just to find half of what you need. Then you search some more terms such as how long does it take to demolish a house, cost of demolishing a house in melbourne, cost to demolish a house, demolition company melbourne, concrete demolition melbourne, home demolition melbourne, demolition services melbourne, rapid demolition group,  Melbourne demolition, domestic demolition Melbourne, small demolition contractors, demolition melbourne eastern suburbs office, strip out Melbourne, concrete removal, asbestos removal, tree removal, pool removal, underground electricity supply pit? You had enough yet? We understand arranging quotes from contractors is an exhausting process, every site has different permit requirements, legalities, and processes that have to be adhered to before you can even begin to physically demolish.

You need to find a trustworthy quality contractor, who has enough experience to do the job correctly, at a price within your budget, sounds easy?? Maybe not... every contractor offers different services, different levels of expertise, and different industry experience, which results in having quotes with huge price differences and sneaky hidden costs or not listing the full services you need on their quotes. Just when you think you have it under control the world crumbles. 


With tipping fees rising every month, combined with household bills on the rise, you dont want to get a contractor who needs to cut a corner because they were too cheap when quoting you, so what do they do? Decide to bury your waste on your property, you wont know until your builder does their soil test months after demolition. Now what? Your builder is threatening to back charge you for holding them up, now your demolisher is not answering their phone, check out this link and read for yourself. This poor client was charged $20,000 extra, and it seems he was scammed. This happens way too much. Have a read for yourself:

This is where The Demolition Group comes in, we have done all the hard work, found a small group of quality demolishers to service our clients, they have proven themselves to be reliable, competative and deliver a quality finished job ready for your builder to build.  You don't need to worry about getting your demolition right. Let us help you with our approved Demolition companies in Melbourne.

Why Choose a TDG Demolition Service in Melbourne?

The most important question is will the Demolition work satisfy the requirements set by your builder?


TDG’s specialized consultants have a long background in demolition and have hand-picked a group of industry specialists who have been in business for a combined 20 years, to provide you with a complete quote to service your needs at a bulk order price.


We have contractors with various degrees of expertise and at all price levels, its as simple as speaking with your TDG consultant, let them know what you are after and they will order the best-suited companies to provide you with a no-fuss, precise quote from industry specialists who have proven time after time to methodically deliver a clean, level site, ready for your builder.


Call & speak with us for a no obligation, compare and choose an expert service.

The team are dedicated to help guide you through the following services making The Demolition Group your one stop shop:

  • Demolition

  • Permits

  • Tree Removal

  • Asbestos removal

  • Sewerage Capping

  • Abolishment of Services

  • Under Ground Power Pits

  • Temporary Fencing

We work closely with your demolisher of choice and your local Builder to ensure your transition from “Old” to “New” is straight forward.

“The Demolition Group prides itself in delivering excellence in Customer Service to our clients”.

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At The Demolition Group we make demolishing your home a simple, cost effective and convenient process, matching your requirements with our hand picked expert Demolition Companies.

Want a fast free Quote? 
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